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Paris, France

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The main campus of CentraleSupélec is now in Paris-Saclay.
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The New CentraleSupélec Curriculum

Statement of objectives The statement of objectives of the new CentraleSupélec engineering curriculum can be downloadeded here. It was approved, unanimously, by the Academic Program Committee (Conseil des études) and the Board of Trustees (Conseil d'administration) in March 2016.

The description of the curriculum was submitted to the French enginerring accrdiation board (CTI) in June 2017. The audit took place on October 5th and 6th 2017. The CTI approved the curriculum on December 5ht 2017.

Prospective students are preparing for the entrance exam. Presentations of the new curriculum are currently in progress. The interview below, conducted in French, took place on December 19th 2017 at Campus Channel (Le Figaro).

The new curriculum will welcome the students on September 3rd, 2018.

More information, in French, on the CentraleSupélec website: here.

Class on Functionnal Analysis on Coursera

Two sessions of the Coursera MOOC on Functional Analysis have finished and we would like to send the 40,000 participants. We hope you enjoyed the course and learned some new things in this area of mathematics. Certificates of Accomplishments have now been sent to the students who passed the class.

We had several requests to obtain the videos and PDF material. We do not distribute these documents because the course was design as a whole. Nevertheless, we are aware that some students have ripped the videos during the time of the MOOC and are making it available online (including on YouTube). We are not taking action to take down this material, for now.